The Future: 3D Food Printing for professionals – Let’s scale up together!

Last year byFlow introduced 3D Food Printing for professionals and explained how this technology could be implemented in various sectors, like Restaurants, Pastry Shops and the Food Service Market. This year byFlow and its partners Jan Smink and Verstegen Spices and Sauces are ready to show you the next step: Scaling Up!

Businesses like to talk big; how can we customize production on mass scale, within a limited period of time? byFlow introduces a very new and modern short term solution: 3D Food Printing Farm!

Are you interested to learn how to scale up your production with 3D Food Printing Technology? Have you considered implementing 3D Food Printing into your business, but wondering what the applications could be? Are you curious to know how a Restaurant could manage to print up to 250 dishes a day?  

Join byFlow’s workshop to find out everything about the 3D Food Printing Farm. Top Chef and Restaurant Owner, Jan Smink, will kick off with an introduction about his experiences with scaling up.Together with her partner Verstegen, byFlow will present you the possibilities and capabilities of a 3D Food Printing Farm and they will demonstrate how it works.  

The Workshop ‘3D Food Printing Farm’ will take place on the 27th of June, during lunch break.  

27 June, Workshop 3D Food Printing Farm €250,-   REGISTER HERE

27 June , Workshop 3D Food Printing Farm + 3D Food Printing Conference €595,- REGISTER HERE

Note: Only 25 seats are available. Tickets also include access to the expo.

About Jan Smink & Verstegen
Jan Smink is one of byFlow’s ambassadors; he uses two printers in his restaurant, to create a special food experience for his quests. Verstegen is a close partner of byFlow: they take care of prefilled cartridges, which you can order on their brand new website:

About byFlow
byFlow is a family business located in the Netherlands and they are currently the market leader in 3D Food Printing. The Focus 3D Food Printer, byFlow’s first product, is globally used by many customers. During the last three years, byFlow inspired lots of chefs, pastry chefs, caterers, schools, Multinationals and R&D facilities to start with 3D Food Printing. For example; companies in the UK and Singapore work on food with personalized nutritional values; different schools and Universitites in Europe teach the new generation of chefs and food designers about this innovative technology and creative pastry chefs are able to stand out with personalized pastry art in their stores.

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