Towards personalized nutrition with 3D food printing


Presented by Mathijs de Schipper, Research Scientist / Innovator at TNO.

3D Food Printing is a promising new technology that offers great possibilities for the creation of improved or new food products and an disruptive food supply chain. Ultimately, this technology may provide a decentralized food manufacturing for fully personalized food products.
This presentation will discuss the state of the art of foodprinting technology at TNO and WFBR (Wageningen Food & Biobased Research) and the use case of making personalized food for the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

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3D Food Printing Will Bring Complete Realignment of the Supply Chain

Numerous sectors are experimenting with 3D printing, which has the potential to disrupt many markets. One that’s already making progress is the food industry.

The U.S. Army hopes to use 3D printers to customize food for each soldier. NASA is exploring 3D printing of food in space. The technology could eventually even end hunger around the world.

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