3D Food Printers that Will Feed the Future

We’re back again with another 3Ders Monday Warm-up, a weekly roundup of some of the biggest 3D printing trends, projects, products or ideas, in an easy-to-read format to help ease you into the busy workweek to come.

Last week, 3D Systems officially opened their new culinary innovation centre, the 3DS Culinary Lab, a learning, collaboration and exploration space, furnished with the ChefJet Pro 3D food printer, for leading chefs, artisans and mixologists to experiment with and push the boundaries of 3D printed food. This got me particularly excited about 3D printed food options, uses, and the rapidly expanding range of 3D food printers on the market today. Continue reading “3D Food Printers that Will Feed the Future”

How Will 3D Printing Affect the Future of Luxury Dining?

This 4-part series examines how 3D printing will affect the future of fine dining. The first part, 3D Food Printing: Is It Ready for Luxury Dining?, sets up the series by exploring the current state of 3D food printing and whether it’s ready for use in fine dining restaurants. The second part, How 3D Printing Will Change the Future of Fine Dining, explores the ways in which 3D printing affects the fine dining experience. The third part, Will 3D Printing Destroy the Concept of Fine Dining?, explores whether using the technology would make fine dining more or less exclusive. And this, the last part, takes a look at 3D printing’s influence on the business of fine dining. Continue reading “How Will 3D Printing Affect the Future of Luxury Dining?”

New 3D food printers convert marzipan into shapely eatables (Video)

Cookie cutters are so yesterday. Tomorrow’s biscuits will have 3D forms. A German start-up company has figured out a way to shape food with a 3D printer, and has developed printable food mixtures for a variety of printing processes.

Focusing on natural foods and funded to the tune of 40,000 euros (Bt1.6 million) by the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, Print2Taste’s machine, the Bocusini, is the world’s first plug & play 3D food printer and will cost in the region of 900 euros. Continue reading “New 3D food printers convert marzipan into shapely eatables (Video)”

3D Model Printing for Pizza, Presented by Asian Company

The 3D printing revolution is taking about as long to happen as the process of 3D printing itself. The evolution from firing ink onto paper to printing three dimensional shapes is a slow-burn development as technology gradually gets better and prices creep down, but it will eventually change the world: consumerism, architecture, medicine… 3D printing will shake up many industries. Should China, the world’s biggest manufacturing country, be concerned? Maybe. Should Pizza Hut be scared? Absolutely. Continue reading “3D Model Printing for Pizza, Presented by Asian Company”