The food Printing Manifesto – Presented by Eshchar Ben Shitrit, Jet-Eat

The food Printing Manifesto – Presented by Eshchar Ben Shitrit, Jet-Eat, at the 3D Food Printing Conference, Jun 28, Brightlands Campus , Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands. Read the interview

How will the coming decades shape the future of food printing? What does it take for food printing to go from gimmick to a game-changing technology, with a real global impact? The Food Printing Manifesto is a unique attempt to question the fundamental assumptions of 3D food printing and lay the ground for a new field – food printing.

About Eshchar Ben Shitrit
Eshchar is a technology strategist by day and foodie by night. After working on digital printing for HP Indigo and digital finishing + 3D modeling at Highcon system, he started pursuing his life long dream – making food printing possible. Combining passion for innovation and obsession with food, Jet-eat aims to transform the way that people prepare, experience and share food. Coming from the birthplace of digital printing, and the emerging hub of for foodtech – Israel is set to be the place where true food printing can come from.

About Jet-Eat
Printed Food will shape our world for the better in the coming decades. Healthier, more sustainable, exciting and tasty – Jet-Eat is working on making Printed Food a reality.

About 3D Food Printing Conference 2018

The 3D printing technology will be fundamental to the way people interact with food in the future. Supermarkets are already testing to 3D print customized cakes, restaurants are offering printed desserts. Some even claim that there will be a 3D food printer in every home in just two years.

However, much research is required to change the hype into reality. Which industries will be influenced by the technology? Which food components can be printed in the near future? And which aspects should be taken into account to ensure safety and maintainability of 3D printed food?

The 3D Food Printing Conference will answer this kind of questions.

The conference is part of a two-day Agri Food Innovation Event (June 27-28, 2018) that includes 4 dedicated conferences and an expo.

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