3D printing the world’s first plant-based beefsteak

by Giuseppe Scionti, Founder & CEO, NOVAMEAT

NOVAMEAT developed a unique technology that allows producing plant-based meat substitutes able to mimic the texture, taste, appearance and nutritional properties of animal meat products, using only natural ingredients of non-animal origin, and a customized 3D printer.

This new invention combines tissue engineering and state-of-the-art knowledge in bioprinting with modern gastronomic strategies, creating a unique technology able to generate foods with high protein content, with the characteristic fibrous consistency of meat, and without the need of using soy or wheat-gluten derived ingredients.

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What drives you?
The main objective of NOVAMEAT’s efforts is to produce plant-based alternative food to animal meat, to contribute reducing greenhouse gas emissions derived from livestock, which represent 14.5% of the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by man, and overcoming the current unsustainable and inefficient livestock structure by creating a healthy, efficient, humane and sustainable food supply system. The latest reports from FAO show that the current global intensive livestock system is no longer sustainable.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
Although existing plant-based meat producers have lately managed to replicate ground meats well, generating plant-based meat substitutes of animal fibrous meats such as beefsteaks is still an unsolved challenge. NOVAMEAT aims to accelerate the development of its unique and distinctive plant-based fibrous meat products and its proprietary micro-extrusion technology, to foster innovation in this field and support the growth of the plant-based meat market.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
Among the meat substitutes under research, some of them are based on the use of plant-based ingredients to imitate meat, while others are based on tissue engineering technologies, where cells are combined with a scaffold and growth factors to generate the so-called cell-based meat products. Comparing the two approaches, the plant-based meat substitutes are the ones registering the first and exponential growth, due to the fact that cell-cultured meat is being subjected to new governmental regulations, and due to the inherent efficiency limitations in their strategies for scaling-up the production, in terms of time and costs. Although NOVAMEAT’s first prototypes are plant-based, the startup will also work towards the development of novel and more efficient cell-based strategies to provide a variety of technology for alternative meat products in the long run.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
Two separate market researches by MarketsandMarkets and Allied Market Research, estimate that the plant-based meat substitutes global market size, currently valued at 4.63 Bn$, will increase at a 6.8 Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to reach 6.43 Bn$ by 2023, and at a 7.7 % CAGR to reach 7.5Bn$ by 2025.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
During the last 3 years, the increase of awareness on the current livestock’s unsustainability and inefficiency has caused three concurrent effects: regulatory and commercial push, and market pull.

“Special Quote”
We have a great opportunity: we are the first generation with the knowledge and the technology to reverse the climate crisis.

About Giuseppe Scionti

Giuseppe Scionti is a technology entrepreneur, inventor, and researcher in the fields of bioengineering and food tech. He currently focuses his activities on innovating the food system, through the development of new plant-based meat products at NOVAMEAT, of which he is the Founder and CEO. In 2018, he was featured by international mass media as the inventor of the world’s first 3D printed plant-based meat substitute. In the last few months, he was selected as one of the “Nine Innovators to watch in 2019” by the Smithsonian Magazine, gave a TEDx talk, spoke at European Parliament and United Nations conferences, and his project at NOVAMEAT (here a short trailer) was featured on BloombergCBSBusiness InsiderFoxSeekerMashableBBCDigital Trends, among others, and was included on Peter Diamandis’ list “5 Big Breakthroughs to Anticipate in 3D Printing”.


NOVAMEAT provides new technological solutions to feed the planet’s growing population with plant-based meat substitutes, overcoming the current unsustainable and inefficient industrial livestock production, by creating a healthy, efficient, humane and sustainable food supply system.

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