Speaker Partners

Below you can find the speaker partners for the 3D Food Printing Conference that took place on Jun 28, 2017, at Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands.

VTT ResearchVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries. Our research and innovation services give our partners, both private and public, all over the world a competitive edge.

We pave the way for the future by developing new smart technologies, profitable solutions and innovation services. We create technology for business – for the benefit of society.

UCCUniversity College Cork is the second largest University in Ireland, and one of its key strategic research areas is food science and technology, building on a proud tradition of education and research in dairy science for almost a century.

UCC offers over 120 degree and professional programmes in the Humanities, Business, Law, Architecture, Science, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and the Clinical Therapies.

BVLThe Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) aims to improve the coordination between the federal government and the federal states in Germany, to make the communication of risks more transparent and to manage risks before they turn into crises.
byFlowbyFlow is a Dutch manufacturer of innovative 3Dprinters. The Focus is the world’s first foldable 3Dprinter with fast exchanging printerheads to print a very broad range of printer materials. Beside the plastic filaments it prints also biorubber, silicone, wood, bronzeclay, porselain and food.

Together with multinationals, like Barry Callebaut, in the foodindustry byFlow develops new foodprinters, to make foodprinting as easy as possible.

HSWT3D food printing is one major research focus at the Institute of Food Technology.

Within the last 5 years, more than 30 different printable food products from the most important food categories (meat & bakery products, pasta, chocolate, confectionary, fruit & vegetable products) have successfully been developed.

TNOTNO is an independent research organization that connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way.
Axon lawyersAXON Lawyers is a boutique law firm fully focused on legal and regulatory aspects of the life sciences sector, including medicinal products, medical devices and food products.
WUR The mission of Food Quality and Design group is to study and teach in an integrative way how technological factors as such, or in relation to socio-economic and managerial factors, can be used to optimize food quality throughout the food chain.
University of Foggia University of Foggia has two main aims: High educational level; Discovering and sharing knowledge.

Department of Science of Agriculture, Food and Environment supports innovative research programs in several research areas discovering innovation from ‘farm’ to ‘fork’.

sigma clermontGraduate school for Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. The goal of the Institute’s research activities is to propose innovative, sustainable and reliable solutions through the design of materials, structures and machines, to guarantee the performance of mechanical systems throughout their life cycle and to ensure the quality and efficiency of production systems. Research in chemistry involves first-class pharmaceutical drug development, polymers, durability and multiphased process engineering.