La Pâtisserie Numérique introduces slicer software for 3D Food Printing

Based on a research partnership between UTT (Technology University of Troyes) and La Patisserie Numerique, this 3d slicer software enables you to build a continuous printing path. This way, we’re avoiding retractation and non-printing moves during the 3d food printing.

Unlike vase-mode or spiral-mode featured in regular slicing softwares, this slicer for 3d printed cake is able to create a continuous path for inner walls. This video includes a sequence where you can compare how a standard 3d slicer works and the results of our own slicing software.

In this video you will see in details how this new slicer for 3d printed cake is working, a simulation of the 3D print in Repetier and then real 3d food printing on a chocolate cake.

On purpose, we have chosen to 3d print a very complex shape, that would take hours to a chef to build manually. We’re from Paris, France; so we wanted to honour our beloved Notre-Dame de Paris church in this 3d printed cake.

At La Patisserie Numerique, we have the ambition to implement digital manufacturing techniques in the food industry. We’re building software and hardware to help food professionals saving time and get the best ROI of the digital tools such as 3d food printers.

If you’re interested in using such slicer software, please contact us. We are looking for other 3d food printer users to implement tests and get feedback
We are at the beginning of this 3d slicer project, so your comments are extremely valuable to us.

CEO Marine Coré Baillais of La Pâtisserie Numérique / The Digital Patisserie will speak at 3D Food Printing Conference, 24 June 2020.

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  1. Hello!

    I want to test your slicer.
    I’m from Ukraine. Despite the war, we continue to work!)
    We print small products using a locally produced extruder.
    Not always satisfied with the result of the work of slicers!

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