Zmorphs Cake And Chocolate Extruder

Cake and chocolate extruder – the simplest device to decorate your cakes, create 3-dimensional ornamental patterns or full 3d physical models made of food. Exchangeable toolhead allows to print with food mass, for example pastry, chocolate or marmalade. Using this tool you can create signs on cakes or create your own food design.

Easy to attach/detach – one screw, one plug solution. ZMorph Personal Fabricator is designed in a modular way. Replacement and maintenance of extruder, heated build platform or electronics are user friendly and even persons without technical knowledge can easily do it.

The consistency of the material (chocolate for example) is crucial for successful prints. Food mass need to be prepare without papules. Ask us for recipes – we’re working on them constantly and preparing special knowledge base on food printing. Find out more here.

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