The Arla Food Innovation Challenge

Do you have a great, innovative or disrupting idea that could revolutionize the food industry? Then you might be the winner of the Arla Food Innovation Challenge 2015.
This year Creative Business Cup and Arla Denmark invites creative entrepreneurs from around the world to participate in the Arla Food Innovation Challenge.

The Arla Food Innovation Challenge is a challenge of minds, not a competition among products. We have a thing with dairy, perhaps your passion is sustainability, culture or technology. Our approach is human centered and we are looking for the next surprisingly innovative idea, that will make our world a better place to eat – rather than the next flavour in yoghurts. Our minds are set on open innovation and cocreation – we don’t know about yours – surprise us!

For the Arla Food Innovation Prize, we will be looking for a creative concept that addresses some of the following:

  • Innovates in terms of technology, product or service
  • Brings change in the value chains of the food industry and/or generates new needs, new markets or new business models
  • Engages customers or others through new channels ( social relations, customer approach, markets or other areas)
  • Shows unique value propositions
  • Is scalable

For more information go to the site.

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