“Study and characterization of food matrices intended for 3D printing” – Presented by Danilo Spiga, Sardegna Ricerche

The presentation will be about six month testing several edible materials produced in the Sardinian’s companies with the 3d printing machine, to check the future potentialities of this technology with their product and, eventually, how the 3d printing techniques can improve their current production line setup. The companies that offered their product and hosted our extrusion tests, were from different food sectors such as: Pasta, Cheese, Turròn, Ice cream, Bakeries companies and some Chef. The last project’s part has been focused in the laboratory analysis of the printed product.

About Danilo Spiga

Danilo matches food interests with digital design skills, carrying out his personal research project on 3D food design and printable foods using assorted edible materials. In the last two years he has focused the research on 3D Pasta and the future designs for this edible material.

About Sardegna Ricerche

Sardegna Ricerche is a public company aimed at the development and transfer of technology and promoting innovative enterprises. This project is carried out in collaboration with Porto Conte Ricerche, a controlled company which over the years has developed technologies for improving the quality of food productions.

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