PepsiCo is creating new deep-ridged potato chips on 3D printers

Between all of the various developments in the additive manufacturing space ranging from the more traditional use of desktop 3D printers to create consumer products or DIY projects to even developments centered around 3D bioprinting, one industry that hasn’t been seeing a whole lot growth in the 3D printing sector is the food industry.  

While we’ve seen some food-based 3D printers that are capable of extruding various food items that come in a gel or paste-like consistency, the resulting prints haven’t been enough to persuade consumers  – let alone chefs – to run out and buy one.

But for all of the potential uses of food in 3D printers at the consumer level, there are many developments being made under the radar by large food corporations who are researching the future of food.  Whether the purpose is to create food that can be printed on-demand for military or space exploration or simply just fun new ways of thinking about existing food, 3D printing has been playing a significant part in the development of various new food items.  Among others, PepsiCo – makers of Pepsi cola -have recently been able to use 3D printing to create one of the most sought-after snack foods of all time, the potato chip. … (read more)


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