Pasta from 3D printer at Milan Expo

Forget spaghetti, fusilli and rigatoni, Italians may soon be eating pasta in the shape of a moon, a rose or even a Christmas tree – all made by a 3D pasta printer. It may seem like science-fiction, but it’s not. The new printer – and its printed shapes – is set to go on show at Milan’s EXPO 2015 this month.

Italian pasta giant Barilla Group is challenging the traditional Italian way of making and preparing food with this futuristic vision – 3D printed pasta. In August 2014, they organised a so-called ‘PrintEat’ contest online, held on crowd-sourcing platform Thingarage, for 3D printing models.

Among the three 3D pasta shape designs which won the contest are “Vortipa”, a vortex pattern progression that slightly resembles a Christmas Tree, and “Rosa”, a bio-dynamic round bloom which turns into a rose when it comes into contact with boiling water.

The idea was born after Barilla met with Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and decided to explore how they could make new, original pasta shapes. … (read more)


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