New Dutch 3D printer manufacturer By Flow launches world’s first multimaterial and foldable 3D printer

The sale of the world’s first 3D-printer that’s foldable and can print a lot of materials starts today. This ‘multi-material’ printer is designed and produced by the Maastricht start up By Flow and makes 3D-printing accessible to everyone. The 20th of May, By Flow launched a crowdfunding campaign on to kickstart the production of the 3D-printer. 

Early birds can get the printer at a reduced price. Multi-material: from PLA to chocolate 3D-printing is hot. The innovation attached to the By Flow printer- is that it is foldable and can print a broad range of materials. Thanks to the easily exchangeable extruders the printer can print with standard printing materials such as PLA, ABS, wood and nylon, but also with biorubber, bronze, ceramics and silicon. The Focus can also print edible materials, such as chocolate. Foldable and user-friendly.

Alongside the exceptional functionality, this 3D printer is of compact design and a user-friendly character. The printer is foldable, so that you can transport it easily, safely and dust-free in its specially designed case (dimensions: 44x32x11 cm). The printer is also equipped with a stationary print-bed which eliminates the need for calibration. It also makes sure that softer materials such as ceramics don’t fall over due to being shaken during the printing process. Users only need an SD-card or USB cable to start printing thanks to a plug-and-play system.

The crowdfunding campaign starting the 20th of May on is meant to kickstart the production of the ‘Focus’ and to fund further development in 3D printing. By Flow wants to test new extruders, as well as new materials and functions. Whoever supports the campaign in the early stages has the opportunity to pre-order the 3D printer at a reduced price. These early birds will receive a printer midOctober.
The rest of the printers will be delivered in December. Want to know more? Watch the video about 3D by Flow.

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