Is 4D Printed Food Soon Going To Become A Reality?

The concept of creating food from a printer will still seem alien to many people and will certainly divide opinion, with some prospective buyers keen to experiment and others wishing to stick to “real” food sources; however, 3D printed food is becoming more “real” at an impressive rate … and has rapidly gone from odd creations of indeterminable origin to sophisticated, appealing products in a very short space of time. Naturally, the next area of experimentation with printed food is into the world of 4D printing and the possibilities of that extra dimension.

Can 4D technology add something more to these printed creations or is it a step to far? Many would say that we have reached the limit with domestic 3D printers making our confectionery but recent developments with other foodstuffs and food that grows suggest there is plenty more to see after all.   3D printed food has come a long way in the last year or so.   There will be many people put off by the thought of 3D printed food because of some of the successes – or failures, depending on which way they are viewed – of some of the early 3D printed pizzas and other produce. Back then, artificial edible substances with a concerning amount of additives could be formed into pizza with a dough variant and cheese variant but they were a little too far removed from the real thing. Today, real food is being processed for reformation in these simple nozzle-based devices with some impressive and tasty results.

Unsurprisingly it is sweets that have paved the way for advancements in the processes, results and popularity of 3D printed food. There is no other food stuff that can be created in some many colours and shapes and still look appealing to kids and grown ups alike, no matter how artificial the final result might seem. 3D printed sweets were one of the first success stories in 3D printed food and the market has only expanded with commercial printers making items in homes and printer being considered in ice cream parlours for greater personalisation of our deserts. Heated, granulated sugar is one of the most simple organic building blocks and its versatility means that anyone can get creative with it. … (read more)


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  1. 4D printed food has recently been a crazy buzz that we all have heard more or less, but I’ve never seen such a food in real life. I just read the post mentioned above and saw all the images of 4D printed food. The foods are really looking 4 dimensional.

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