How Will 3D Printing Affect the Future of Luxury Dining?

This 4-part series examines how 3D printing will affect the future of fine dining. The first part, 3D Food Printing: Is It Ready for Luxury Dining?, sets up the series by exploring the current state of 3D food printing and whether it’s ready for use in fine dining restaurants. The second part, How 3D Printing Will Change the Future of Fine Dining, explores the ways in which 3D printing affects the fine dining experience. The third part, Will 3D Printing Destroy the Concept of Fine Dining?, explores whether using the technology would make fine dining more or less exclusive. And this, the last part, takes a look at 3D printing’s influence on the business of fine dining.

The luxury dining business is notoriously difficult to crack. You can be a self-taught wonder like Charlie Trotter, or a cultured person exposed to the finest things in life. But unless there is a wealthy benefactor to support your aspirations, breaking into the fine-dining industry is notoriously gruelling. While many may be accustomed to the idea of working free-of-charge as apprentices in order to enter the industry, all this could radically change with the advancement of 3D printing.

According to Hod Lipson, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University and Co-author of “Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing,” although social media has launched many careers of fashion bloggers, photographers and health experts, it hasn’t made as big of a shift for chefs. Yet, along with 3D food printing—with which more people get the chance and resources to create new flavors, textures and dishes, there will be a greater and wider platform for more new talents to break out on their own.Read more

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