How To Get 3D Printing Into Your Kitchen – Food Printing

Now and then you come across a story about 3D printed food but where are we at now? What can already be printed in the kitchen? How do we get started? Here are five examples that can help you on your way to becoming a master 3D printing chef.

1. BotBQ Extruder
The BotBQ is the open source 3D printing BBQ (eventually..). Right now you can download and modify the extruder to fit your own requirements to make it compatilbe with your 3D printer extruder if it isn’t a Wades already (btw… a parametric version in the works!) You could easily be printing your own burgers in your favorite shape and thickness in no time with the help of the BotBQ extruder and a couple modifications to fit your 3D printer. The BotBQ extruder was designed to be simple to use and you don’t even need to disassemble your printer to attach it, only remove the idler block and replace it with the BotBQ extruder. … (read more)


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