Glimpse into the future: How will you cook when you can print your food? (Video)

Rustling up a meal becomes a whole new experience when you can print your own food, use a smart oven or have a robot do all the work for you


Waiting for the right moment to reach for the next ingredient, Moley Robotics’s robo-chef moves its arms as if in a shrug. It’s a peculiarly human gesture – but according to its creator, Mark Oleynik, therein lies its appeal. Who’d want an impersonal mechanical box whipping up your dinner when you can have a lifelike — albeit torso-less — android instead?

Incorporating two enormous arms and a pair of surprisingly nimble hands, the uncannily anthropomorphic actions are choreographed from movements caught by motion-capture technology as 2011 MasterChef winner Tim Anderson knocked up a crab bisque wearing sensor-clad gloves. The result is mesmerising — enormous limbs deftly drop ingredients into the pan and gently stir them, considerately plonking used items in an adjacent sink. And the bisque that’s served up isn’t bad either — which is just as well since it is currently the only option on the menu.

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