First 3D Food Printer In Dutch Supermarket Albert Heijn

The newest store of Albert Heijn has a scoop: customers can now decorate a cake with a self-made text or drawing, which is directly 3D printed on their cake by a ByFlow printer. It is the first time that 3D-printing of food is used in a supermarket.

For several weeks, the bakery is provided with the ByFlow printer, a foldable machine created by Dutch developer Floris Hoff. While still a student of product design in The Hague, Floris has extensive experience with 3D printing and 3D printers, working on several products and designs in collaboration with his father’s FabLab Maastricht. The innovative Fablab Maastricht will actually be present during the 3D Food Printing Conference.

Not only FabLab Maastricht is of influence of the rapid development of his 3D printing career, Floris also works together with Maastricht University, two Michelin chefs, chocolatiers, chocolate manufacturers and healthcare facilities. ByFlow’s future is thus looking bright.

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