Don’t Burst My Bubble: 3D Printed Chewing Gum Is Coming (VIDEO)

Sometimes – actually many times – I get contacted by people who make the most incredible things with 3D printing. Usually, the latter one’s end up being more successful. That will be the case, I believe, for the first 3D printed chewing gum system, developed by a team of students at London’s Royal College of Art and Imperial College.

I think my first response to her, when she told me that she and her classmates built a 3D printer for chewing gum, was whether it made weird shaped gum or if it made gum out of weird materials.

Apparently, it does a little of both: the “weird” material it uses is resin, the same resin that has apparently been used by gum chewers for the past 9.000 years. The resin is combined with custom-made flavoring, in a way that is reminiscent of another “why-did-no-one-think-of-this-before” machine, the Mink make-up 3D printer. It then proceeds to make gum in any shape you want, by assembling layer by layer of material following the instruction of a digital file (most of you probably already know how that part works…). … (read more)


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