Crafty Machines’ Rotruder, High Speed 3D Food Moulder

A novel approach to the 3D food moulding has been taken by Crafty Machines Ltd., with a printing technique that looks different then all the rest. They developed a patented device that utilizes 3D printing with materials that are FDA compliant and is able to print whole 3D objects all in one go, instead of layer by layer.

The device is called Rotruder and, tested with an industrial extrusion pump machine, has proven to be reliable and very quick in producing various 3D food shapes.

The concept behind the Rotruder’s functioning is rather simple: a set of intelligently indented wheels revolve in sync while the food paste is dropped in the machine; the output of this process is a shape moulded out of each wheel’s indentation from the raw material.

This method allows for high speed productions of about “1 teddy per second”, where the teddy’s volume is 11,09 mm³, and each complete revolution produces a total of six teddy bears. The Rotruder’s cross section area is about 30 mm in diameter, although the Rotruder 100 (another iteration of the same machine) is capable of a cross sectional area of 50 mm in diameter. … (read more)


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