Bocusini – The world’s first universal Plug & Play 3D Food Printing platform (VIDEO)

Until now, there has been no universal food printer available in the market. With dozens of different food categories (i.e. confectionary, bakery products, dairy products, fruit & vegetable as well as meat or snack products) and hundreds of individual foods, food printing was considered very difficult to implement, and available food printers have been one-trick ponies at best.

Print2Taste, a young German startup company, took a different route. Founded by experienced food researchers, the company first optimized food textures for dozens of food categories in a way that they all become printable by the same, most simple FDM-based printing technology.

This formed the basis for the company’s development of an open source food printing system for gastronomy and end users consisting of cartridges with printable food, a food printer head and an intuitive user interface. Thus, the world’s first universal plug & play food printing system Bocusini was born. Loaded with prefilled food caps (commercially available or individually filled) within seconds, all kinds of 3D objects or artwork can be easily created on a tablet or smartphone and may be instantaneously printed via WIFI interface. No software installation is needed with this complete out of the box system.

Both, the complete food printing system as well as retrofit kits for different open source printer platforms (as of today, Printrbot simple, Ultimaker 2 and Printrbot metal) will soon be available on Kickstarter.

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