3Drag is now printing with Chocolate! (VIDEO)

Maitre Chocolatier is born or made? If you want to succeed in the art of pastry, then everyone can be made: you just need to have the right tools and equipment. One of these is our 3Drag printer, that modified with a real pastry bag for precision work or a heated syringe is suitable for plotting lettering and lines using any type of chocolate.

All this, with the advantage to design the object or the pastry directly in computer graphic.

The 3Drag is a FDM 3D printer, but its mechanisms are liable to print not only with plastic, but also with any other material provided: it is sufficient that its melting point is at relatively low temperatures. Replacing the print head with something able to inject into an extruder a moldable food, such as cream, chocolate, jellies, but also soft batters, allows to produce sweet and savory products with decorations and shapes also particularly challenging.

Hence, the idea of using chocolate, which is easily moldable and allows you not only to create objects quite “tough” and funny, but also to decorate cakes with shapes and letterings without causing any stress that could deform the mechanics of 3Drag or make them loose. More difficult would it be to depose materials such as dough made of flour or something. … (read more)

Source: Open-Electronics.org

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