3D Printing Series: Can You Put my Boyfriend’s Face Inside That Pizza? (VIDEO)

We are entering a brave new world of food design and regulation brought to us through the mechanical development and visual artistry of 3D printing. As with any new medium, understanding what we confront and its regulation lag behind the medium’s implementation.

3D printing, also referred to as “additive manufacturing” or “rapid prototyping,” is the process of making three-dimensional objects from digital designs. Two of the most common types of printers are “disposition printers,” which deposit layers of materials until the 3D object is built, and “binding printers” which build the object by binding, usually with adhesive or laser fusing, the underlying layers, to create a whole object at the end of the process.

Perhaps this seems pretty straightforward, but delving into the 3D printing of food highlights the multiple aspects of this process, and underscores the potential challenges associated with fitting 3D-printed food into FDA’s current regulatory paradigm. … (read more)

Source: AllAboutAdvertisingLaw.com

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