3D Printing Chocolate Becomes More Affordable

The 3D printing of chocolate has been around for a while now, with one group of scientists even experimenting with chocolate printed at home.

Yet since the first 3D chocolate printer came to market in 2012, a number of improvements have been made to help bring 3D printed chocolate into the mainstream.

Now, the Choc Creater 2.0 Plus, a commercial grade 3D printer, merges affordability with some great design features helping to make 3D printing achievable even for smaller shops.

In addition to the 2.0 Plus’ competitive price tag, it also has some pretty nifty features for candy makers.

“Working with scientists in the food innovation field field along with 3D printing and industrial design talents, we have created the next generation of our chocolate printer,” the Choc Edge team noted. “The Choc Creator 2.0 Plus combines optimal performance, light-weight yet robust build, greater ease of use and a more affordable price. These features make it more accessible to chocolatiers, retailers, bakers and chefs, event organisers, food innovators and designers who are ready to bring their unlimited imagination to life!”Read more

Source: 3dprinter.net

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