Using 3D printed shapes as a master to create food-safe molds (Video)

When thinking of 3D printing in the food industry, often the first thing that comes to mind is printing directly with chocolate or other edible substances. But an interesting alternative that is becoming more popular is using 3D printed shapes as a master to create food-safe molds.

We’d like to show you an eclectic mix of companies that are using 3D printers for this purpose. They are not just using these molds to expand the variety of shapes they can offer their products in, but are also exploring small-batch production runs of custom designs for clients. Before the spread of desktop 3D printing this could not be cost-effective, as making an aluminium mold was expensive and would only become profitable with large production runs. But now brands, advertising agencies, and events are making use of this new trend to get personalized goodies to their audiences.

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