“Message in a Cake” paste extruder 3D prints custom images right into your dessert (Video)

3D food printing is one of the most fun and accessible consumer applications of 3D printing technology—whether for creating custom branded 3D printed lollipops, or for pushing the limits of culinary innovation, there are tons of opportunities to explore. One of the most recent and creative examples is Daniel Wilkens’ ‘Message in a Cake’ 3D paste extruder, which has the ability to 3D print custom images or messages directly into a cake using a specially-created batter, meaning you only see the image once the first delicious slice has been cut. 3Ders.org spoke with Wilkens to find out his design concept as well as the 3D printing process behind creating your own Message in a Cake.

Wilkens, who is currently finishing his degree in Industrial Design at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany, boasts a background in biology, furniture design, and 3D printing technology. His previous projects include DS 1, a remarkable chair made from formfleece, offering stability without armrests, and Woogie, a foldable handcart designed for the ‘Urban Farmer’s Harvest.’ In 2014, Wilkens also won first place in a design competition for creating an urban chair (“Mercoatorstuhl”) and bench.

As an industrial designer, Wilkens was familiar with 3D printing as a rapid prototyping technology, but for his 3D food printing project, he intended to create an functional, creative project that could only be made possible through 3D printing processes.

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Source: 3ders.org

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