FlaVR, a pitch from the University of Warwick


FlaVR is a technology developed at the University of Warwick that allows recreating highly accurate real flavour experiences by delivering the precise combination of individual virtual flavour components (taste, aroma, mouthfeel) to a person’s mouth and nose. In fact, we have developed the ability to simulate, modify and replicate any smell, taste or flavour experience in a safe, controlled, and repeatable manner.

Because it is a simulation, our FlaVR system can also increase or decrease the strength of individual virtual flavour components, e.g. making it saltier, less astringent, etc., in a controlled and guided manner, with instant feedback on people’s (e.g. focus groups/tasters/product developers) new choice until they achieve a new preferred flavour/smell they enjoy and which is likely to be also enjoyed by other end consumers.

FlaVR also allows moving to different directions in the food flavour spectrum giving freedom to personalise the flavour of any 3D food printed, plant-based or any food & drink product in line or even beyond the well-known flavour preference trends. Once the simulated new preferred flavour has been chosen, the closest existing actual flavour can be identified and recreated by matching with the precisely chosen component quantities.

We believe this technology can help to improve the flavour of plant-based diets, 3D printed food as well as another type of healthy food which have high nutritional content but are not necessarily perceived as being “tasty”. In fact, FlaVR can support the personalisation of food & drink products.  Moreover, FlaVR will reduce product development timescales and improve the chance of a new food product succeeding in a target market by gathering flavour preference intelligence in a scientific, rapid and effective manner. The prospect of discovering novel flavours will open up exciting new commercial possibilities. Flavour tailored to specific local preferences is another potential benefit.

This technology will be pitched during one of the breaks of the conference.

Israeli biotech, food-tech startup SuperMeat raises $3M in seed funding


SuperMeat, the Israeli biotech and food-tech startup, has announced today it has raised $3M in seed funding and has formed a strategic partnership with PHW, one of Europe’s largest poultry producers, and an equity investor in the company.

The recent seed round was led by US-based venture capital fund New Crop Capital and mission-oriented VC firm Stray Dog Capital. Both firms are openly committed to investing in more sustainable food systems, and have previously backed big names in the alternative protein field such as Beyond Meat and SunFed. This new round of funding comes on the heels of a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign which raised $230,000 in pre-orders for SuperMeat’s clean meat products.  Continue reading “Israeli biotech, food-tech startup SuperMeat raises $3M in seed funding”

Personalized vegan foods made using 3D printed high-tech fiber with zero calories

3D printed high-tech fiber

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Yissum Research Development Company have just unveiled a futuristic, extremely impressive breakthrough for 3D printing technologies – personalized foods made using an edible, high-tech fiber with zero calories! This versatile fiber is known as nanocellulose.

According to the President of Yissum and CEO Yaron Daniely, “[t]he idea [of this 3D printed food technology] is to enable full control of the substances used for the purpose of creating healthy and tasty meals that can be eaten immediately. This has the potential to address a variety of challenges facing the field of nutrition.”

Foods such as meat substitutes could be easily printed, as well as producing allergy-friendly alternative products. Ultimately, this is a giant leap toward eliminating animal agriculture from food production altogether without compromising on traditional textures. Continue reading “Personalized vegan foods made using 3D printed high-tech fiber with zero calories”

Bocusini – The world’s first universal Plug & Play 3D Food Printing platform (VIDEO)

Until now, there has been no universal food printer available in the market. With dozens of different food categories (i.e. confectionary, bakery products, dairy products, fruit & vegetable as well as meat or snack products) and hundreds of individual foods, food printing was considered very difficult to implement, and available food printers have been one-trick ponies at best. Continue reading “Bocusini – The world’s first universal Plug & Play 3D Food Printing platform (VIDEO)”