Get your 3D Printed Chewing Gum soon

WACKER will present the world’s first 3D printing process to use chewing gum end of January 2017.

WACKER’s experts have developed a novel product formulation specifically for printable gum and have optimized the software and hardware for this sophisticated food matrix. As a result, chewing gum can be formed in many shapes, not just as sticks, balls and pellets. Whatever is needed, whether a name, logo or lifelike miniature figure, this new technology can produce gum in a wide range of colors, shapes and flavors – individually personalized.

WACKER has been a leading supplier of food-grade polyvinyl acetate solid resins for over 60 years and manufactures them in Germany and China. These solid resins from WACKER are key components in a variety of modern gum base types. Beside industrial-scale production, WACKER offers full technical support for its solid resins, right from gum base formulation through to gum coating. The products are supplied to the global chewing-gum market under the VINNAPAS® trademark and the innovation brand CAPIVA®.

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