3D Model Printing for Pizza, Presented by Asian Company

The 3D printing revolution is taking about as long to happen as the process of 3D printing itself. The evolution from firing ink onto paper to printing three dimensional shapes is a slow-burn development as technology gradually gets better and prices creep down, but it will eventually change the world: consumerism, architecture, medicine… 3D printing will shake up many industries. Should China, the world’s biggest manufacturing country, be concerned? Maybe. Should Pizza Hut be scared? Absolutely. Continue reading “3D Model Printing for Pizza, Presented by Asian Company”

TourDeFork Introduces New 3D Printable Food Jewelry

When writing about 3D printing, I have come across many ideas that I would have never thought about. But this one — wearable, edible food jewelry — takes the cake! A brief perusal of jewelry on Etsy will show you that organic, natural pieces are all the rage, and I think it’s going to stay that way for a long time, as we psychologically deal with the massive repercussions of climate change. Continue reading “TourDeFork Introduces New 3D Printable Food Jewelry”