The future of 3D printed food & pharma is interconnected

3D Printing techniques are creating great opportunities not only for personalised pharmaceuticals, but also for personalised food & nutrition. The texture of the food can be adapted so it can help people with swallowing problems, while the composition of the 3D printed food can be adapted to the specific necessities of the person: vitamins or antibiotics can be added, for instance.

Therefore, we see 3D pharma printing as an enabling technology for personalised food & nutrition and we think that the 3D pharma printing session (February 5) during 3D Medical Conference & Expo (February 4-5) in Maastricht would be a great opportunity to discover what smart connections between varied disciplines can bring to your field.

For instance, Antien Zuidberg, Professor of Practice (Lector), HAS University of Applied Sciences, will talk about “3D Food printing for better eating”, while Ricky Wildman, Professor, Centre for Additive Manufacturing, University of Nottingham, will touch on “Formulating for 3D printing of pharmaceuticals”.

3D Medical Conference & Expo in a nutshell:

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