The future of food: cultured meat, 3D-printed meals, GM crops, Soylent and seaweed

In 15 years’ time, there’s a chance some of the beef you consume will have been grown in a test tube. The cow never would have had a beating heart, nor a brain, nor would it have seen a paddock or a feedlot. It would just be a bunch of cells and tissue.

Not in 100 years, not 50 years, but 15 years. Perhaps even less. Known as “cultured meat” it’s just one of the ways scientists are trying to solve a very global problem. Namely: how do you feed a population that doesn’t stop expanding when there’s a finite amount of farmable land in the world?

Meat, particularly grain-fed beef, is also a massive contributor to global warming. Thanks to factors like methane emission, deforestation to create more grazing land and the amount of energy it takes to harvest corn and other grains for feed, the livestock industry produces more greenhouse emissions than every mode of transport on earth combined.

The bottom line is if we keep eating meat in the manner we do and don’t invest in more sustainable farming solutions, the world as we know it is likely to end. This isn’t hyperbole. And scientists the world over are working on some far-out solutions that are close to becoming real. … (read more)


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