“The added value of farm cheese” – Presented by Michaela van Leeuwen, Print Cheese

Print Cheese offers a unique way of cheese printing. Cheese with added supplements are the basic ingredients for 3D printing. As well as being able to print a variety of shapes, 3D printing also offers possibilities for further product innovation that can be adapted for the various target groups. This approach fits in with our company vision for our dairy farm so that as well as producing organic milk, we will have the added value of producing farm cheese in the future. This we will use as the basis for our 3D printing. In my presentation, I will go further into the development of 3Dprinting and the possibilities that this offers for the future.

About Michaela van Leeuwen

Together with my husband, we run a dairy farm with 130 cows producing a million litres of milk a year. We wanted to give added value to our products, including treating our own milk on the premises to make farm cheese. During my work at Wageningen UR, I discovered 3D printing of bio-plastics and with my passion for cheese I have now combined these two. As well as running my company, Print Cheese, I also work for ‘Projecten LTO Noord’, LTO Noord’s commercial project organisation, which is a branch organisation for farming.

About Print Cheese

Print Cheese is an innovative company that focuses on the 3D printing of cheese and similar products using 3D print techniques. Print Cheese would like to give added value using the base material [farm] cheese by printing unusual shapes or forming new products from cheese and additions. Eating cheese then becomes experiencing cheese, so that instead of just eating cheese, this becomes an experience: a delicious shape.

Print Cheese gives demonstrations and supplies the print materials to the end users such as restaurants and other target groups. Print Cheese is looking into the possibilities of using extra ingredients for specific target groups.


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  1. I would like to know more about the availability of 3D food printing printer in the market.

    1. Thank you for your interest. We invite you to browse the website for more information and to follow our updates for the next edition of the 3D Food Printing Conference.

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