Tech Titan Lenovo Demos 3-D Printer That Literally Prints Food

We now live in a world where a 3D printer can create chocolate. Feel free to pinch yourself, but no, you’re not dreaming. At last week’s Lenovo Tech World Conference in Beijing, the China-based corporation showed off a number of new tech concepts, none quite so incredible as the 3D chocolate printer.

Lenovo plans to develop the device via Shenqi, a new online offshoot of the company. Although this isn’t the first 3D printer to print chocolate, it’s the first to be made by a corporation of Lenovo’s magnitude, suggesting an important momentum shift for the market.

According to, “Lenovo stressed [that the 3D printers] were currently only concepts,” and “did not state when these printers would be available.” The report also reasoned that “if a multi-billion dollar corporation like Lenovo were to enter this space we may soon begin to see a flurry of additional activity within the food printing industry.”

This and other recent developments, such as last month’s London pop-up shop that served nothing but 3D-printed fare, may suggest that 3D printing is the future of food. All we know is that Lenovo is messing up if they don’t market their device as the Chocolate Droppa. … (read more)


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