Stuffhub Teams with Papabubble for Custom Lollipops Made with 3D Printing

One of the simplest ways to get into food 3D printing is to create 3D printed molds for sweets. 3D printables marketplace Stuffhub has now applied 3D printed mold-making to the lollipop business, working with hard candy maker Papabubble San Francisco to create a custom sweet treat.

Stuffhub and Papabubble worked with a variety of different logos, first, to determine just how fine they could make the features of their lollipop molds. Seeing success with their test pops, the companies have launched an online customizer based on 2D images or text, which can then be printed and used to create food-grade silicone molds for custom lollipops. And, with Papabubble’s own selection, customers can also choose their own colors and flavors. … (read more)


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