FabRx starts crowdfunding campaign to produce 3D printer for personalised pharmaceutical products

FabRx starts crowdfunding campaign to produce 3D printer for personalised pharmaceutical products

The new printer and software produces personalised medicines adapted for individual patients’ needs

FabRx is the first pharmaceutical company to work and act on the dream of personalised medicines using 3D printing technology. FabRx, in partnership with The Magic Candy Factory are working together to adapt a confectionary 3D printer to prepare medicines that are ideal for children. FabRx announces the starting of a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and create awareness about this innovative technology on Wednesday 6th December. You can find more information about the Kickstarter campaign in the following link:


The new printer allows the tailored manufacturing of medicines, including:

•          precise dose medication (personalised doses)
•          the combination of more than one drug (Polypill)
•          a range of formulations (tablets, capsules, chewable formulations) and
•          preparing these medicines on-demand in hospitals or pharmacies

3D printed formulations with different shapes, colors, and flavors
Medicines can be made with the right dose, are easy to swallow, your favourite flavour and colour – this means they are very well suited for children (and even adults!). With 3D printing, it is also possible for a patient to choose the shape of their medicine which the system and software can print in front of your eyes!

FabRx founders (Prof. Simon Gaisford, Prof. Abdul Basit, Dr. Bill Lindsay and Dr. Alvaro Goyanes) are a mixture of academics from the University College London (UCL), equipped with an impressive track record of research and development of 3D printing technologies in pharmacy. Alvaro Goyanes, development director said, “We want to use 3D printing to change the face of medicines manufacture and provide better access to medicines, especially for children”.

Source: FabRx press release

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