3D Food Printing Workshop Announced by 3DIGITALCOOKS

We are happy, glad, hyped and excited to announce that our next 3D food printing workshop will happen at Fabcon 3.D 2016. 14-16  June at Messe Erfurt in Erfurt, Germany. 

Unless you are new to the 3DIGITALCOOKS community you know we have been planning to have a 3D food printing workshop for a long time, and it feels right to share with you all the experiences and learning about 3d food printing during the last years. We have created a 3D food printing workshop that requires no previous knowledge or understanding of what 3d food printing is. During the 3[d] hours of the course you will get an understanding of the importance of 3d food printing beyond the Star Trek hype. A down to earth EXPLORATORIUM time to learn about 3d food printing.

For more information about the workshop visit 3digitalcooks.com .

Source: 3digitalcooks.com

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