New cake baking technique combines traditional confectioner craftsmanship with mathematical algorithms and 3D printing

A Ukrainian pastry chef by the name of Dinara Kasko is making waves ‒ both figuratively and literally ‒ with a new cake baking technique that combines traditional confectioner craftsmanship with mathematical algorithms and 3D printing. A collaborative undertaking that’s original from start to finish, Kasko works together with artists, engineers, and other pastry chefs to make her elaborate, geometric creations.

3D printed molds form the basis of these one-of-a-kind pastries, produced via state-of-the-art modeling software that simulates the interaction of objects in space. Variables such as shapes, material properties, gravity, and of course, flavour all come into play in Kasko’s painstaking baking process, which has been featured on magazine covers, design websites, and baking competitions around the world.

The result is an exquisite slice of artistry that’s almost too good to eat. Of course, “almost” is the operative word here, as Kasko always includes the crème de la crème of gourmet ingredients, in true pastry chef fashion.

Kasko’s ruby chocolate cake, unveiled earlier this fall in Shanghai, was one of the first pieces to cross our radar. Made up of 81 individual pieces, each with their own unique curvature, the algorithmic cake served to highlight chocolate producer Barry Callebaut’s Ruby Chocolate event in the massive Chinese metropolis.

For this internationally renowned event, Callebaut invited four pastry chefs to Shanghai to present his chocolate in a signature creation. As one of the lucky four to be selected, Kasko turned out a beautiful cake inspired by artist Matthew Shlian.

Using the graphic algorithm editor Grasshopper, Kasko and her team created a 3D printed cake mold inspired by the traditional pyramid shape, but with a carefully altered tilt composition. Collectively, the 81 angled forms made up a unit that was as dynamic as Kasko’s flavour palette: intricate layerings of mousse, ganache, and meringue highlighted Shlian’s signature ruby chocolate, with a mouthwatering berry confit found in the centre and a biscuit crumble on the bottom.


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