3D Printable Grow Boxes Encourage Healthy Eating

Now, the 3D printing technology took another step forward with the introduction of a farm box that can be printed at home. The project comes courtesy of FoodRising.org, a non-profit “science-based natural health advocacy organization”. This grow box is the first of their planned series of practical inventions that will make healthy and natural foods more accessible to the world at large.

How the process works is simple: You go to their website and download, free of charge, the files for five 3D printable components. You print up those bad boys, gather some cheap household items like pencil erasers and paper clips, follow the easy assembly instructions, and begin growing your own herbs, leafy greens, salads, tomatoes, and other nutritious offerings (all from seeds you purchase yourself). If you’re looking to plant root vegetables, FoodRising will release a downloadable adaption later in the year to support these types of plants.

The grow boxes utilize a principle called “constant bottom feeding non-circulation hydroponics” developed by University of Hawaii Professor Bernard Kratky. The positives of using this kind of system are numerous, including that the plants need less than half the normal amount of soil, and less than 1/20th the amount of water that conventional agriculture methods utilize. The boxes also don’t use any electricity, and growers don’t have to worry about spending time removing annoying weeds. The whole process is quite easy. … (read more)

Source: KCET.org

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