Recipe design & software to be grocer’s new secret sauce?

Recipe design & software to be grocer’s new secret sauce? 3D printing might bring tech world business model elements to grocery stores, such as software-as-a-service or SaaS. SaaS sells or licenses and delivers software to the user on demand rather than as a product in a box. In the future, grocery stores might compete on how their chefs, or store’s ‘food designers’, produce the best meal programs available only on that store’s website for single downloads and only using that store’s supplies. 

Used to its fullest, technology does more than simply improve what we do – it profoundly changes what we do. 3D food printing has some distance to go before it produce attractive and tasty foods for everyone. However, 3D printing has the potential to transform the grocery store. Grocers may seek an entirely different physical footprints and store designs. Following current trends, more space may be allocated to the back of the store for prepared foods, the front of the store may be more service-oriented with 3D equipment, digital nutritionists, and demonstrations.

Moreover, a grocery store’s digital presence will be more than simply a portal for information and sales. A grocery store’s website will become a vital gateway to countless proprietary. SaaS applications that will define how we food shop and to the competitiveness of individual stores. New services enabled by the Internet-of-Things and other technologies will emerge not just as novel service innovations, but as necessary responses to consumer expectations and lifestyles.

New professions may be introduced to the grocery store.Will grocers be recruiting new professionals such as in-store food software designers, home 3D printing engineering & repair specialists, or even digital nutritionists. Tech touches and transforms everything – food and food shopping is a rich frontier for innovation.  As the 3D food printing technology develops, it may become integral to other Internet-of-Things devices in your home.


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