Pascal de Grood, FoodJet presents: “Industrial food processing with 2D+ printing”

Pascal de Grood, founder and CEO of FoodJet presents at the 3D Food Printing Conference: “Industrial food processing with 2D+ printing”.

3D foodprinting is considered to be a futuristic technology to prepare our food. But over the last 10 years, Foodjet has been realizing food printing applications for mass produced products that consumers are not aware of. For the first time, foodJet will highlight a number of very successful applications in single layer food printing. These industrial processes have been delivering great quality, efficiency, hygiene and above all profit!

About Pascal de Grood
P.J. de Grood graduated from Montfort University, Leicester with a master degree in Mechatronic Design and worked in the high-tech Industry of Eindhoven for 10 years. In his spare time, Pascal invented the Foodjet printtechnology and made a company out it that today employs 15 people.  Today Pascal holds the position of CEO of FoodJet Printing Systems.

About FoodJet
De Grood Innovations has developed a way to digitally print tailor-made edible high-viscosity decorations directly onto mass-produced food products. The  FoodJet printing modules are designed to accurately deposit a variety of thick fluids in microliter-amounts for demanding fabricating applications; e.g. decorating, layering or filling with food materials onto food substrates. The patented  FoodJet technology uses a durable oscillating diaphragm which activates the drops but also completely isolates the liquid  from the active module parts . This ensures  100% food safety and print reliability. Nowadays FoodJet is the leading company in foodprinting on industrial scale.

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