“Message in a Cake – a 3D-printer that prints cakes with pictures inside” – Presented by Daniel Wilkens, Wilkens Design

In my bachelor thesis I dealt with the topic of 3D-printed food. Therefore I designed a low budget dual paste extruder with which I am able to print food composed of two different colors or ingredients. The probably most interesting paste to print is dough. “Message in a Cake” turns normal marble cake into a communication medium. I am able to print individual images on every piece of a small marble cake. Cutting the cake piece by piece it reveals its enclosed mystery. Be it a comic-strips, a love-message, or the names of the invited guests the cake becomes a storyteller.

About Daniel Wilkens

Daniel Wilkens studied Biology in Düsseldorf and Tübingen. Afterwards he studied Industrial Design in Essen at the Folkwang University of the Arts. As a freelance designer he creates furniture and works on 3D-printed food, especially cake.

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