Luis Fraguada, Robots in Gastronomy presents: “When will we 3D print our food?”

Luis E. Fraguada, Chief Technical Officer at Robots in Gastronomy, presents during the 3D Food Printing Conference: “When will we 3D print our food?”

In many ways, we’ve been eating ‘3D Printed’ food for many years.  That 3d printing can enter into food production chains is no longer a question.  Through deeper understanding of the material properties of food substances at various temperatures and treatments, and the resulting textural, structural, and taste performance, entirely new types of food could result, difficult or impossible to produce with existing food fabrication tools.  The inherent nature of 3d printing – minimizing material use, vertical supports, texture, layered deposition, and latticework, are potential inspirations for entirely new preparations and forms of food, for an entirely new market.

About Luis E. Fraguada
Luis investigates critical issues in architecture, design, and urbanism through various modes, including associative design, scripting, and fabrication.  In 2010, Luis initiated Built by Associative Data, an international architecture and urban planning firm focused on solving design issues through computation.  As Research Director his work includes creating custom computational tools for clients while broadening the scope of the office into fashion, product design, and gastronomy.  Luis is the Chief Technical Officer for Robots in Gastronomy, a group focusing on the application of digital tools and robotics in gastronomy.  Luis has created the Food Form 3D, a 3D additive manufacturing platform for professional kitchens.

About Robots In Gastronomy 
Robots in Gastronomy is a research and design group focusing on the intersection of technology and gastronomy. The group includes Michelin Star Chefs, Industrial Designers, Interaction Designers, and High End Kitchen Equipment Distributors. The group’s research has culminated in the creation of the Food Form 3D, a computer numerically controlled deposition robot capable of 3d printing edible materials. The aim of the group is not to industrialize the kitchen, conversely, the aim is to provide tools of invention and innovation in the kitchen.

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