Luc de Witte, Zuyd University presents: “Food printing: opportunities in long term care?”

Prof. Dr. Luc P. de Witte, Professor at Maastricht University and Director at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, presents at the 3D Food Printing Conference: “Food printing: opportunities in long term care?”

Long term care is facing serious challenges. Innovation is a must if we want to sustain the present quality of care. One of the problems in long term care is malnutrition; many people in care facilities have serious deficiencies. Given the trend that more people will have to live independently for a longer period, this problem is increasing also in the home situation. Innovative solutions that may contribute to better nutritional status of people with disabilities and frail elderly are needed. In this presentation I will explore the possibilities of 3D foodprinting in relation to the problem of malnutrition in people with disabilities and elderly.

About Luc P. de Witte
Luc is professor of technology in care at Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, and director of EIZT, Centre of Expertise on Innovative Care and Technology. He has worked on innovation in long term care for many years. With a medical/care background he studies the possibilities to improve health care with technology. His mission is to contribute to the sustainability and quality of long term care.

About Zuyd University of Applied Sciences
Zuyd is a ‘hogeschool’ with a broad range of educational programmes. The health care programmes of Zuyd are among the best in de country. The centre of expertise on innovative care and technology is recognized by the government as one of two national centres in the field of health care. The ambition of Zuyd is to educate innovative professionals that make in difference in practice, and to do research and innovation with a clear focus on improving practice.

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