Jeffrey Lipton, Cornell Creative Machines Lab presents: “Science and Principles of Food Printing”

Jeffrey Lipton, Seraph Robotics and PhD Candidate at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab, will present during the 3D Food Printing Conference: “Science and Principles of Food Printing”.

3D food printing will enable new shapes flavors and forms of food. Data driven recipies art the next step in enabling wider spread use of food printing for food customization. In this talk Jeffrey will speak about the techniques and methods deployed at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab for food printing.

About Jeffrey Lipton
Jeffrey is a PhD Candidate at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab. His work has focused on developing food printing, and leading the Fab@Home project. These printers are used on all 6 habitable continents for bio printing and food printing research.

About Seraph Robotics
Seraph Robotics is a leading supplier of research grade robocasting systems for food and bio printing.

Find out more about Cornell or Seraph Robotics.

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