Frits Hoff, FabLab Maastricht presents: “Experiences with 3D Food Printing”

Frits Hoff, Director at FabLab Maastricht, presents during the 3D Food Printing Conference: “Experiences with 3D Food Printing”.

About Frits Hoff
Innovator and educator: with a broad interest in the combination of durability, technology and learning. Fascinated by the rapid development of technology, especially ICT, with all the advantages and disadvantages. In 2009 he began to set up a FabLab in Maastricht which was opened in December 2010. He is chairman of the FabLab Benelux foundation

As director of the FabLab he coordinates the many projects that run here. Demonstrations and workshops for education and business, to grow awareness for the opportunities (and threats) of personal and digital fabrication. We train people in the use of these hardware and software, we give workshops to build your own 3D printer, and guide designers and inventors in developing new products. Thanks to our trainees we also do research including the development of a ceramic printer, a granule extruder for 3D printing with recycled plastics etc.

About FabLab Maastricht 
Our FabLab is specialised in affordable 3Dprinting and 3Dscanning. We do a lot of research in finding new printing materials and the development of printing heads (extruders) for these materials. For example ceramics / porcelain, biorubber, high engineering bioplastics, metalclay, glassclay, food chocolat (most difficult material to print) etc. We collaborate with universities, polytechnics, SME’s and multinationals. Therefore we started June 2014 a research centre at Chemelot Campus together with our partners Maastricht University, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Chemelot Campus (60 industrial companies with lots of material knowledge) and LIOF (investment company of the government): AMMC.

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