First 3D Printing Restaurant in The Netherlands is coming to Venlo

Dream it, print it, EAT it!

The Dutch 3D Printer manufacturer byFlow is opening the first 3D Food Printing Restaurant in The Netherlands, the result of a new international collaboration between designers, chefs and technologists from London, Barcelona and Maastricht, which is launching under the name of “Food Ink.”

On April 12, during the 3D Food Printing Conference in Venlo, the latest creations in 3D food will be showcased and a select number of VIPs will have the chance to taste the five-dish menu.

For the first time in The Netherlands, visitors can also register for a wholly printed and catered dinner inside “Food Ink.”, the specially designed 3D Food Printing Restaurant. Examples of 3D printed furniture, cutlery, plates and cups, vases, art, and lighting will be on display and form the interactive environment of the dining room.

Come check out the latest techniques for the adventurous foodie, printing edible materials and even personalized chocolates. If you’re lucky, you might even get a free 3D printed snack!

Tickets can be purchased at the website of the conference.

About byFlow

The Dutch company “byFlow” is famous for their multi-material and foldable printer with easily exchangeable extruders. Aside from the common plastics such as PLA, ABS, nylon, etc., it can also print with bio-rubber, wood, bronze, glass, clay, ceramic and silicon. Everybody can print accessories for the dinner table like ceramic vases, bronze napkin-rings, art, cutlery, porcelain plates and plastic prototypes to make silicon molds (see videos).

This printer is also worldwide the first food printer on the market (February 2015) which is capable of printing edible materials like chocolate, hummus, meat, goat cheese, pizza dough, and an endless variety of healthy and delicious dishes. Any person, whether a Michelin-star chef or a busy mom at home, can print not only food but also the objects mentioned above, all through one machine.

After the successful demonstrations and huge interest during the 3D Printshows in Paris, Rome, Madrid, London and Berlin, it is now Venlo’s turn to experience the latest version of byFlow. During the show, byFlow, along with 3D Samba, chef Mateo Blanch (from Restaurant La Boscana near Barcelona), 3DChef and 3DFP Ventures from London will be offering the visitors an exclusive opportunity to experience firsthand and in real-time a 3D-printed gourmet menu which has been specially conceived through the equipment and uniquely for this event. This one-of–a-kind event has been described by its creators as an “interactive edible concept art experience,” and the extraordinary sight of printers making gourmet meals must truly be seen in person to be believed.

The Food Ink. travelling restaurant will soon be bringing the byFlow printer to cities around the world including Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto, Berlin, Singapore and beyond. Billed as “print-out pop-ups,” the unique dinner series will serve as a platform for a conversation about the future of sustainable food, nutrition, and health, and it will powerfully demonstrate how emerging technologies are rapidly challenging and changing the way we eat, create, share and live.

Source: byFlow press release

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  1. Finally 3d printed foods :). That is super interesting how they are able to do all that with food ink. I would love to check this restaurants out.

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