Dorothée Goffin, Smart Gastronomy Lab presents: “3DFP a device of choice inside the smart kitchen experience”

Dorothée Goffin, Directrice of Smart Gastronomy Lab at University of Liège, presents at the 3D Food Printing Conference: “3DFP a device of choice inside the smart kitchen experience to improve the culinary practice for nutrition and pleasure”.

New big trends driven by the technological revolution will, in the near future, revolutionized the user experience in the kitchen : emergence of personalized nutrition driven by the quantified self and medical nutrition, the consumer-producer driven by the makers trend, the emergence of new products, the awareness of food quality and reasoned cooking habits importance together with the need to avoid food wastage and the will to try new culinary experience will lead to the development of the Smart Kitchen. 3D Food printers will constitute one of the next smart devices where technology is used to improve the culinary practice for nutrition and pleasure.

About Dr Dorothée Goffin
M.Sc. in Chemistry and Bio-industry, D.S. in agronomical sciences and biological engineering from the University of Liège (GxABT), Dorothée Goffin has a very diversified and multidisciplinary scientific experience. Passionate in innovation she enjoys “thinking out of the box”. After managing scientific valorization projects, she developed innovative health ingredients and built a start-up project for which she received numerous prices and grants. She then integrated the Innovation and Creativity Unit and completed her skills with certificates in creativity, innovation and business management. Late 2014 she created the Smart Gastronomy Lab which is a use, co-creation and prototyping multidisciplinary Living lab for food, technologic and gastronomic innovation.

About Smart Gastronomy Lab – University of Liège
The Living Lab Smart Gastronomy Lab is a usage, co-creation and prototyping laboratory which catalyzed culinary and technologic experimentation. As a living lab, it puts the user in the center of the concept, including him in the creative, prototyping and test phases. It is built on a multidisciplinary consortium : Gembloux Agro-Bio-Tech (Agronomical faculty of the University de Liège), the BEP (Bureau économique de la Province de Namur), the KIKK (non-profit organisation to promote digital and creative cultures, art, science and technology) and Génération W (non-profit organization to promote Wallonia gastronomy and local terroir). The lean and multidisciplinary approach allows building the food of tomorrow.

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