“3D printing of filled protein-rich food structures”, Presented by Maarten Schutyser, Wageningen University

We present results on the characterization and development of a printable recipe and FDM procedure for sodium caseinate. The aim of our study was not only to characterize and explore 3D printing of sodium caseinate suspensions, but also investigate the feasibility to include a second phase within the protein matrix. We present two methods that were used to introduce particles and an oil-phase into the caseinate matrix. It was demonstrated feasible to prepare protein-rich objects with specific spatial distributions of particles or fat droplets.

About Maarten Schutyser

Since 2008, Maarten Schutyser (dr. ir.) is ass. professor Food Process Engineering at Wageningen University. His research concerns the understanding of physical phenomena underlying the processing of dry foods. He generates and applies this knowledge to develop more sustainable drying and dry fractionation techniques that aim at high product quality. Since beginning of 2014 he also started exploring the principles of 3D food printing with his students. He (co-)authored app. 50 scientific peer-reviewed papers. He is chairman of the Dutch Working Party on Drying (NWGD), an independent society that connects drying experts in the Dutch process industry via networking events.

About Laboratory of Food Process Engineering, Wageningen University

The mission of Food Process Engineering is to explore new principles for preparing food structure and food ingredients.

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